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Galia Gestion
Company description

Galia Gestion invests in your company and supports your ambitions. Partner, they share your risk and value your project through a strategic expertise, legal and dedicated to your financial goals. Anxious to preserve your freedom of action, they are a minority shareholder ensuring your decision-making autonomy.


Funding history

Key people
Yves BardinetPresident
Véronique BernardSecretary General
Roman CompiegneChargé d'Affaires
Claudia DauganSenior Business Officer
Christian JoubertGeneral Manager
Vincent SchifanoInvestment Manager
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My Serious Game (2019: $3,972,600 raised)
Loisirs Encheres (2019: $5,296,800 raised)
Uwinloc (2018: $5,958,900 raised)
Fineheart (2016: $8,488,122 raised)
Easy Live (2015: $1,059,360 raised)
Sunna Design (2014: $7,018,260 raised)
Bmia (2013: $662,100 raised)
X-trem Entreprise (2013: $3,310,500 raised)
Cartegie (2012: $3,972,600 raised)
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