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Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc
United States
Detailed industries:Real Estate
Company description

Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. is a real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on the cluster formation. The Company is a provider of real estate, technical infrastructure services and capital to the life science industry. The clients of the Company include institutional (universities and independent not-for-profit institutions), pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, product, service, and translational entities, as well as government agencies. During the year ended December 31, 2008, the Company executed 141 leases for approximately 2.2 million square feet. The ...Company completed the redevelopment of multiple spaces at 14 properties aggregating approximately 335,000 rentable square feet. In 2008, the Company leased approximately 630,000 rentable square feet of redevelopment and development space.(Source: 10-K) MoreLess


Funding history

DateDeal sizeInvestors
January 16th, 2015$2,701,298-
January 10th, 2011Undisclosed-
January 10th, 2011Undisclosed-
January 14th, 2010Undisclosed-
January 14th, 2010Undisclosed-
August 11th, 2009$998,488-
August 11th, 2009$262,435-
August 11th, 2009Undisclosed-
August 11th, 2009$372,375-
August 11th, 2009$1,414,150-
August 11th, 2009Undisclosed-
August 11th, 2009$387,232-
August 11th, 2009$78,750-
August 11th, 2009$1,009,300-
August 11th, 2009$517,009-
August 11th, 2009$276,611-
August 11th, 2009$293,352-
August 11th, 2009$127,793-
August 11th, 2009$325,873-
August 11th, 2009$94,000-
August 11th, 2009$285,656-
August 11th, 2009$632,948-
August 11th, 2009$115,780-
August 11th, 2009$250,505-
August 11th, 2009$215,480-
Key people
Dean A. ShigenagaCFO
Thomas AndrewsExecutive Officer
Richard B. JenningsLead Independent Director
Maria C. FreireIndependent Director
Amanda CashinSenior Vice President
Marc E. BindaSenior Vice President
Joel MarcusDirector, Executive Officer, Executive_Officer
Peter MogliaExecutive Officer
Stephen RichardsonExecutive Officer
Daniel RyanExecutive Officer
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