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Portfolio: (2022: $40,000,000 raised)
Glimpse (2022: $6,200,000 raised)
Osso Vr (2022: $66,000,000 raised)
Thinking Data (2021: $59,000,000 raised)
Moka (2021: $100,000,000 raised)
Medable Inc (2021: $304,000,000 raised)
Onenav (2021: $21,000,000 raised)
Beijing Deepscience Technology Ltd (2021: Undisclosed raised)
Flexiv (2020: $100,000,000 raised)
Nium (2020: Undisclosed raised)
Limbix Health Inc (2020: $9,000,000 raised)
Neuron Mobility (2019: $18,500,000 raised)
Opay (operapay) (2019: $120,000,000 raised)
Skyroam (2019: $20,000,000 raised) (2019: $80,000,000 raised)
Id R&d (2019: $5,700,000 raised)
Black Lake (2019: $22,000,000 raised)
Cherry Home (2018: $5,200,000 raised)
Cherry Labs (2018: $5,200,000 raised)
Deepmap (2018: Undisclosed raised)
Infinite Uptime (2018: $5,000,000 raised)
Castbox (2018: $13,500,000 raised)
Skyroam (2018: $20,000,000 raised)
Datavisor (2018: $40,000,000 raised)
Deephi Tech (2017: $30,000,000 raised)
Instarem (2017: $13,000,000 raised)
Rulai Inc (2017: $6,500,000 raised)
Deepmap (2017: $25,000,000 raised)
Kinsa (2017: $17,000,000 raised)
C3nano Inc (2017: $15,000,000 raised)
Xueleyun (2016: $200,000,000 raised)
Protean Electric Ltd (2016: $70,000,000 raised)
Zero Zero Robotics (2016: $25,000,000 raised)
Diamanti (2016: $12,500,000 raised)
Aerofarms (2015: $20,000,000 raised)
Directive Games (2015: $3,500,000 raised)
Xuexibao (2015: $20,000,000 raised)
C3nano Inc (2014: $12,000,000 raised)
Meila (2014: Undisclosed raised)
Latticepower (2014: $80,000,000 raised)
Didi Dache (2014: $100,000,000 raised)
Iboxpay (2013: $10,000,000 raised)
Mirabilis Medica Inc (2013: $10,000,000 raised)
Admaster (2012: Undisclosed raised)
Protean Electric Ltd (2012: $84,000,000 raised)
Sequoia China
Andreessen Horowitz Llc
Blue Lake Capital
Gaorong Capital
Oak Investment Partners
Tiger Global Management
Vertex Ventures
Vickers Venture
Accel Partners
Banyan Capital
Bertelsmann Asia Investments
Bertelsmann Asia Investments (bai)
Bixink Therapeutics
Bri Ventures
Cathay Innovation
Charles River Ventures (crv)
China Broadband Capital
Citi Ventures
Dell Technologies Capital
Delta Electronics Capital Corp
Dfj Venture
Egarden Ventures
Eight Roads Ventures China
Firebolt Ventures
Firstmark Capital Llc
Fullerton Financial Holdings
GGV Capital
Gagarin Capital
Generation Investment Management
Gl Ventures
Global Founders Capital (gfc)
Go Scale Capital Lp
Goldman Sachs
Gsr Ltd
Hillhouse Capital
Huaxin Shiji Investment
Idg Capital
Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd
Jafco Ventures
Kaiser Permanente Ventures
Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
Liberty Global Ventures
Linear Capital
Mayfield Fund
Mediatek Inc
Mesh Ventures
Meta Capital
Middleland Capital
Missionpoint Capital
Morningside Ventures
My Eg Capital Sdn Bhd
Nagase America Corp
New Enterprise Associates
New Hope Group
New Horizon Capital
New Times Group
Nextgen Venture Partners
Nissha Printing Co Ltd
Norwest Venture Partners
Oak Hc/ft
Opea Holding Of Europe
Origin Ventures
Pavilion Capital
Peakview Capital
Phi Ventures
Phoenix Venture Partners Lp
Phoenix Ventures Partners (pvp)
Plug And Play
Premier Ventures
Qiming Venture Partners
Robert Bosch Venture Capital
Sapphire Ventures
Sbi-fmo Fund
Seeds Capital
Sequoia Capital
Sequoia Capital China
Sig China
Sigma Square Capital
Softbank Asia
Softbank China Venture Capital
Source Code Capital
Storm Ventures
Tianjin Thsg Corp
Tsinghua Holdings
Unicorn Venture
Vertex Growth
Visa Inc
Vision Plus Capital
WI Harper Group
Wheatsheaf Group
Xinjiang Guoli Minsheng Equity Investment Co Ltd
Y Combinator
Yf Capital
Yunqi Ventures
Zetta Venture Partners
Zhejiang Vie Science & Technology Co Ltd
Zhongwei Capital
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