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Real Ventures is a seed stage venture capital fund based out of Montreal, Canada. The fund invests alongside entrepreneurs from idea to exit, and focuses on investments in web, mobile and digital media. Real Ventures is also the primary investor and supporter of FounderFuel, a web / mobile accelerator program.


Funding history

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Element Ai (2019: $151,000,000 raised)
My Intelligences Machines (mims) (2019: $2,600,000 raised)
Nectar (2019: $825,000 raised)
Livescale Technologies Inc (2019: $762,000 raised) (2019: $14,600,000 raised)
Xanadu Inc (2019: $32,000,000 raised)
Mindbridge Analytics Inc (2019: $15,100,000 raised)
Locketgo (2019: $1,200,000 raised)
Avidbots (2019: $23,600,000 raised)
Breathe Life (2019: $3,500,000 raised)
Acorn Biolabs (2019: $3,300,000 raised)
Vention (2019: $17,000,000 raised)
Bios Health Inc (2018: $4,500,000 raised)
Logojoy (2018: $6,000,000 raised)
Logojoy (2018: $6,000,000 raised)
Clearbanc (2018: $70,000,000 raised)
Validere Technologies (2018: $7,000,000 raised)
Kooltra (2018: $5,000,000 raised)
Mejuri (2018: $5,000,000 raised)
Loginradius (2018: $17,000,000 raised)
Motorleaf (2018: $2,850,000 raised)
Xanadu Inc (2018: $7,000,000 raised)
Benchsci (2018: $8,000,000 raised)
Mindbridge Analytics Inc (2018: $8,400,000 raised)
Swift Medical (2018: $11,600,000 raised)
Vention (2018: $3,500,000 raised)
Netlift (2017: $3,200,000 raised)
Ross Intelligence (2017: $8,700,000 raised)
Transit (2017: $5,000,000 raised)
Insight Engines (2017: $15,800,000 raised)
Mindbridge Analytics Inc (2017: $4,300,000 raised)
Element Ai (2017: $102,000,000 raised)
Automat (2017: $8,300,000 raised)
Wiivv Wearables Inc (2017: $4,000,000 raised)
Breather (2016: $40,000,000 raised)
Delve Labs (2016: $1,800,000 raised)
Hubba (2016: Undisclosed raised)
Smooch Technologies Inc (2016: $10,000,000 raised)
Permission Click (2016: $1,750,000 raised)
Instant Financial (2016: $1,200,000 raised)
Proctorfree Inc (2016: Undisclosed raised)
Wiivv Wearables Inc (2015: $3,500,000 raised)
Sweetiq Analytics Corp (2015: $4,200,000 raised)
Breather (2015: $20,000,000 raised)
Crew (2015: $8,500,000 raised)
Landr (2015: $6,200,000 raised)
Plotly (2015: $5,500,000 raised)
Immunio (2015: $2,700,000 raised)
Dream Payments Corp (2015: $6,000,000 raised)
Gymtrack (2015: $2,500,000 raised)
Foko (2014: $2,000,000 raised)
League (2014: $4,000,000 raised)
Breather Products Inc (2014: $6,000,000 raised)
Algolux (2014: $2,600,000 raised)
Provender (2014: $800,000 raised)
Omsignal (2014: $10,000,000 raised)
Loginradius (2014: $1,300,000 raised)
Guest Driven (2014: $3,000,000 raised)
Lagoa (2013: $5,300,000 raised)
Oneclass (2013: $1,600,000 raised)
Trusted Insight Inc (2013: Undisclosed raised)
Bunch (2013: $1,000,000 raised)
Omsignal (2013: $1,000,000 raised)
Breather (2013: $1,500,000 raised)
Busbud (2013: $1,000,000 raised)
Lagoa (2013: $1,600,000 raised)
Clarity (2012: $1,600,000 raised)
Cinemagram (2012: $8,500,000 raised)
Frank & Oak (2012: $5,000,000 raised)
Crowdbase (2012: $650,000 raised)
Ooomf (2012: $500,000 raised)
Datacratic (2012: Undisclosed raised)
Viralninjas (2012: $750,000 raised)
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iNovia Capital
500 Startups
Data Collective
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Golden Venture Partners
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RRE Ventures
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Y Combinator
500 Startups Canada
Anges Québec
Asimov Ventures
Atlas Venture
Cycle Capital Management
Desjardins Capital
Eclipse Vc
Flybridge Capital
Menlo Ventures
National Bank Of Canada
Radical Ventures
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Rho Ventures
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Business Development Bank
Business Development Bank Of Canada
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Desjardins-innovatech Lp
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Fidelity Investments Canada
Fier-soutien Releve
First Stone Venture Partners
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Flextronics (flex)
Fluxunit (osram Ventures)
Fonds Innovexport
Fonds Quebecor Innovation
Forgepoint Capital
Foundation Capital
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Freshii Inc
Friesens Corp
GGV Capital
Georgian Partners
Globalive Technology
Golden Ventures
Goldman Sachs Investment Partners Lp
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Heuristic Capital Partners
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Rho Ventures Canada
Rothenberg Ventures
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Series A Round
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