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Company description

Natixis is a leading player in corporate and investment banking. Our business lines offer a full array of services to clients, corporates, institutional investors and banks in France and abroad, including credit, structured finance, capital-market products,cash-management and leasing products,securitisation, advisory, financial engineering and research. [company description from]

Key people
Walid BeharDCM Analyst
Steve BloseDirector
Olivier Huynh Van
Daniel LennonTeam Member
Sandra O. MooseChairperson of the Board of Trustees - Natixis Advisor Funds
Stanislas Piot
Pierre SochaFinancial Engineer
Valter StoianiDirector, Structured Alternative Investments, Asia ex-Japan
Romain VidalFinancial Analyst - Semiconductors
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Airtrunk (2019: $332,000,000 raised)
Wynd (2019: $95,342,400 raised)
Canadian Solar Inc (2018: $45,000,000 raised)
Janngo (2018: $1,180,000 raised)
Sofiproteol (2018: $120,000,000 raised)
R3 (2017: $107,000,000 raised)
Data4 (2017: $331,050,000 raised)
Clestra (2013: $10,593,600 raised)
Gunvor Group (2012: $530,000,000 raised)
Omnium Sa (2012: $211,872,000 raised)
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