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Portfolio: Inc (2019: $11,200,000 raised)
Udaan (2019: $300,000,000 raised)
Lively Llc (2019: $6,500,000 raised)
New Knowledge (2019: $3,000,000 raised)
Tile Inc (2019: $45,000,000 raised)
Stockx (2019: $110,000,000 raised)
Thunes (2019: $10,000,000 raised)
Vdoo (2019: $32,000,000 raised)
Grubmarket (2019: $25,000,000 raised)
Kong (2019: $43,000,000 raised)
Avidbots (2019: $23,600,000 raised)
Opendoor (2019: $300,000,000 raised)
Workboard Inc (2019: $23,000,000 raised)
Percolate Industries Inc (2019: $32,000,000 raised)
Gladly Software (2019: $50,000,000 raised)
Lambda School (2019: $30,000,000 raised)
Iris Nova (2018: $15,000,000 raised)
Hippo Insurance (2018: $70,000,000 raised)
Hashicorp (2018: $100,000,000 raised)
Thinci (2018: $65,000,000 raised)
New Knowledge (2018: $11,000,000 raised)
Clobotics (2018: $11,000,000 raised)
Immotor (2018: $15,000,000 raised)
Bitsight Technologies (2018: $60,000,000 raised)
Cashshield (2018: $20,000,000 raised)
Trusttoken (2018: $20,000,000 raised)
Synyi (2018: $15,700,000 raised)
Bigcommerce Pty Ltd (2018: $64,000,000 raised)
Shopshops Inc (2018: $6,100,000 raised)
Voicera (2018: $14,500,000 raised)
Xiaopeng Motors (2018: $348,000,000 raised)
Clobotics (2018: $5,000,000 raised)
Unravel Data (2018: $15,000,000 raised)
Nozomi Networks Inc (2017: $15,000,000 raised)
Momenta Pharmaceuticals (2017: $57,000,000 raised)
Zuoyebang (2017: $150,000,000 raised)
Liulishuo (2017: $100,000,000 raised)
Yamibuy (2017: $10,000,000 raised)
Drive+ai (2017: $50,000,000 raised)
Bowery (2017: $20,000,000 raised)
Slice (2017: $15,000,000 raised)
Brightwheel (2017: $10,000,000 raised)
Iris Automation (2017: $1,500,000 raised)
Shiftgig (2017: $20,000,000 raised)
Hippo (2016: $14,000,000 raised)
Opendoor (2016: $210,000,000 raised)
Mobalytics (2016: $2,600,000 raised)
Phononic (2016: $40,000,000 raised)
Prynt Corp (2016: $7,000,000 raised)
Plushcare Inc (2016: $8,000,000 raised)
Lively Llc (2016: $4,000,000 raised)
Nozomi Networks Inc (2016: $7,500,000 raised)
Yangshu Wenhua (shanghai) Co Ltd (2016: $37,000,000 raised)
Vincross (2016: $6,000,000 raised)
Zylo (2016: $3,300,000 raised)
Restless Bandit (2016: $10,000,000 raised)
Zuoyebang (2016: $60,000,000 raised)
Operator (2016: $15,000,000 raised)
Hashicorp (2016: $24,000,000 raised)
Grubmarket (2016: $20,000,000 raised)
Tile Inc (2016: $18,000,000 raised)
Poshmark (2016: $25,000,000 raised)
Slack (2016: $200,000,000 raised)
Totspot (2016: $1,500,000 raised)
Gridstore (2016: $19,000,000 raised)
Wepiao (2015: $234,800,000 raised)
Flightcar (2015: $20,700,000 raised)
Agora (2015: $20,000,000 raised)
Wiselike (2015: $1,300,000 raised)
Ehang (2015: $42,000,000 raised)
Red (2015: $10,000,000 raised)
Xiaohongshu+com (2015: $10,000,000 raised)
Percolate Industries Inc (2015: $40,000,000 raised)
Percolate (2015: $40,000,000 raised)
Kujiale (2015: $10,000,000 raised)
Domo Inc (2015: $200,000,000 raised)
Opendoor (2015: $20,000,000 raised)
Synack (2015: $25,000,000 raised)
Boxed (2015: $25,000,000 raised)
Ehang (2014: $10,000,000 raised)
Invisage Technologies (2014: $33,000,000 raised)
Yangche Diandian (2014: $30,000,000 raised)
Hashicorp (2014: $10,000,000 raised)
Misfit Wearables Corp (2014: $40,000,000 raised)
Grabtaxi (2014: $65,000,000 raised)
Totspot (2014: $1,800,000 raised)
Houzz (2014: $165,000,000 raised)
Tile Inc (2014: $13,000,000 raised)
Flightcar (2014: $13,500,000 raised)
Draft Kings (2014: $41,000,000 raised)
Draftkings Inc (2014: $41,000,000 raised)
Curse Inc (2014: $16,000,000 raised)
Tujia+com (2014: $100,000,000 raised)
Light Chaser Animation (2014: $20,000,000 raised)
Houzz (2014: $150,000,000 raised)
Grabtaxi (2014: $15,000,000 raised)
Legend Capital (2014: $500,000,000 raised)
Wish (2014: $19,000,000 raised)
Domo Inc (2014: $125,000,000 raised)
Zepp Labs (2014: $15,000,000 raised)
Gridstore (2013: $11,000,000 raised)
Draftkings Inc (2013: $24,000,000 raised)
Quixey Inc (2013: $50,000,000 raised)
Alienvault Llc (2013: $26,500,000 raised) (2013: $57,000,000 raised)
Evolv Inc (2013: $15,000,000 raised)
Domo Inc (2013: $60,000,000 raised)
Invisage Technologies (2013: Undisclosed raised)
Houzz (2013: $35,000,000 raised)
Douguo (2012: $8,000,000 raised)
Percolate (2012: $9,000,000 raised)
Playhaven (2012: $8,000,000 raised)
Gridstore (2012: $12,500,000 raised)
Redpoint Ventures (2012: $45,000,000 raised)
Zendesk Inc (2012: $60,000,000 raised)
Nimble Storage Inc (2012: $40,700,000 raised)
Spreecast Inc (2012: $7,000,000 raised)
Bluekai (2012: $21,000,000 raised)
Citrus Lane Inc (2012: $5,100,000 raised)
Appirio Inc (2012: $60,000,000 raised)
Sequoia Capital
Lightspeed Venture Partners
Redpoint Ventures
Greylock Partners
Khosla Ventures
Comcast Ventures
Index Ventures
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Lux Capital
New Enterprise Associates
True Ventures
500 Startups
Atlas Venture
Battery Ventures
Bessemer Venture Partners
Charles River Ventures Llc
First Round Capital
Founders Fund
General Atlantic Llc
General Catalyst
Horizons Ventures
Legend Capital
Onset Ventures
Acero Capital
Alibaba Group
Andreessen Horowitz Llc
Benchmark Capital
Cherubic Ventures
Danhua Capital Lp
Dst Global
Felicis Ventures Llc
Fifth Wall Ventures Lp
First Round
Greycroft Partners Llc
Gv (formerly Google Ventures)
Hillhouse Capital
Hillhouse Capital Management
Intel Capital
InterWest Partners
Ktb Network
Lennar Corp
Lerer Hippeau Ventures
Matrix Partners
Menlo Ventures
Mercato Partners
Microsoft Ventures
Nokia Growth Partners
Norwest Venture Partners
Planven Investments Sa
Qiming Venture Partners
Rockport Capital
SV Angel
Slow Ventures
Social Capital
Sound Ventures
The Raine Group
Vertex Venture Holdings Ltd
Wavemaker Partners
Workday Ventures
Xianghe Capital
Zhen Fund
-ggv Capital
500 Startups Canada
Accel Partners
Access Industries
Access Technology Ventures
Ace & Company
Adara Venture Partners
Advancit Capital
Almaz Capital
Altimeter Capital
Ame Cloud Ventures
Apoletto Asia
Arancia International
Bascom Ventures
Bdc Capital
Bds Ventures
Bedrock Capital
Bee Partners
Beijing Cultural Assets Chinese Anci Films & Television Fund
Betaworks Ventures
Bezos Expeditions
Blackrock Capital
Blocktower Capital
Bryant Stibel
Caffeinated Capital
Capital Development Investment Fund (cdif)
Capital Development Investment Fund Management Co Ltd
Capital Ip Investment Partners
Cathay Capital Private Equity
Centregold Capital
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Charles Rivers Ventures
Chengwei Capital
China Media Capital
Cisco Investments
Citics Prosperity Fund
Coca-cola Venturing & Emerging Brands
Correlation Ventures
Costanoa Ventures
Cowboy Ventures
Digital Garage
Digital Sky Technologies
Dragoneer Investment Group
Drw Venture Capital
Eastwood Capital Corp
Eniac Ventures
Evolv Ventures
Fidelity Investments
Fj Labs
Footpath Ventures
Forerunner Ventures
Formation 8
Fosun Group
Founder Collective
Foxconn Technology Group
Francisco Partners
Fusion Fund
Future Fund
Gelmart International
General Atlantic
Global Founders Capital
Glynn Capital
Glynn Capital Management
Golden Venture Partners
Goldman Sachs
Google Ventures
Gopher Asset Of Noah Private Wealth Management
Gp Capital
Group Companies
H Capital
Harvey Sanders
Hawk Equity
HealthCare Ventures
Hearst Ventures
High Alpha Capital
Hillhouse Capital Group
Huaneng Invesco Wlross
Hyundai Motor Company
Icon Ventures
Idg Capital
Idg Capital Partners
Imaginary Ventures
Invenergy Future Fund
Investec Ventures
Kdwc Ventures
Lebox Capital
Lerer Ventures
Lightspeed China Partners
Lightspeed India Partners
Liquid 2
Lookout Capital Llc
Lowercase Capital Llc
M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures)
Mark Cuban Companies
Matrix Partners China
Mayfield Fund
Meakem Becker Venture Capital
MentorTech Ventures
Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Morningside Venture Capital
Morningside Ventures
Nantian Infotech Vc
Nebari Ventures
New Enterprise Associates (nea)
New Hope Group
New Horizon Capital
New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc
Nf Ventures
Northern Light Venture Capital
Ntt Docomo
Oak Investment Partners
OnPoint Technologies
Opus Capital
Oren Zeev
Oriental Fortune Capital
Pipeline Capital
Preangel Partners
Primary Ventures
Propel Venture Partners
Qualcomm Inc
RRE Ventures
Raine Group
Real Ventures
Rex Healthcare Ventures
Riverhead Capital
Rpm Ventures
Salesforce Ventures
Sequoia Capital China
Seven Seas Venture Partners
Sg Innovate
Shunwei Capital Partners
Sigma West
Signia Venture Partners
Singtel Innov8
Softbank Vision Fund
Southern Capital
Spark Growth
Structure Capital Lp
Svb Capital
Svb Financial Group
T Rowe Price
Tandem Entrepreneurs
Tenaya Capital
Thi Investments
Third Kind Venture Capital
Thrive Capital
Tiger Fund
Tiger Global Management
Toba Capital
Top Tier Capital
Tpg Growth
TransLink Capital
Transmedia Capital
Trident Capital
Trustbridge Partners
Union Square Ventures
University Growth Fund
Vaizra Investments
VantagePoint Capital Partners
Viking Global Investors
Vy Capital
WI Harper Group
Wangsu Company
Warburg Pincus Llc
Wellcome Trust
Wi Harper
World Innovation Lab
Wu Capital
Xrc Labs
Xu Xiaoping
Y Combinator
Yammer Inc
Yf Capital
Yunqi Partners
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