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Borrowell (2021: $19,800,000 raised)
Foko Retail (2021: $3,000,000 raised)
Mangrove Lithium (2021: $3,000,000 raised)
Clearpath Robotics (2021: $5,000,000 raised)
Kenota Health (2020: $11,000,000 raised)
Tulip (2020: Undisclosed raised)
Get Synapse Inc (2020: $1,500,000 raised)
Thinkdata Works (2020: $8,000,000 raised)
Librestream (2020: $24,000,000 raised)
Invixium (2020: $3,000,000 raised)
Symend (2020: $52,000,000 raised)
Bench Brewing Co (2019: $1,500,000 raised)
Adaptive Networks (2019: $1,500,000 raised)
Cord3 Innovation (2019: $2,000,000 raised)
Sofdesk (2019: $5,700,000 raised)
Audioconexus (2019: Undisclosed raised)
Trulioo (2019: $52,800,000 raised)
Repare Therapeutics Inc (2019: $82,500,000 raised)
Bluedot (2019: $7,000,000 raised) (2019: $14,600,000 raised)
Nutrasource (2019: $2,000,000 raised)
Mejuri (2019: $22,000,000 raised)
Tandemlaunch (2019: $23,000,000 raised)
Avidbots (2019: $23,600,000 raised)
Hortau Inc (2019: $20,000,000 raised)
Terramera (2019: $9,800,000 raised)
Gradeslam (2019: Undisclosed raised)
K-ecommerce (2019: $2,300,000 raised)
Blue J Legal (2018: $7,000,000 raised)
Cinchy (2018: $3,000,000 raised)
Crowdriff (2018: $11,600,000 raised)
Beanworks Solutions Inc (2018: $7,800,000 raised)
Loginradius (2018: $17,000,000 raised)
Irystec Software Inc (2018: Undisclosed raised)
Motorleaf (2018: $2,850,000 raised)
Resson (2018: $14,000,000 raised)
Miovision Technologies Inc (2018: $15,000,000 raised)
Coveo Solutions Inc (2018: $100,000,000 raised)
Thoughtwire (2018: $20,000,000 raised)
Upchain (2018: $7,400,000 raised)
Stemcell Technologies (2018: $15,000,000 raised)
Hortau Inc (2018: $5,900,000 raised)
Acuva Technologies (2018: $2,000,000 raised)
Sphereplay (2017: $1,260,000 raised)
Netlift (2017: $3,200,000 raised)
Kinova Robotics (2017: $25,000,000 raised)
Klue Labs (2017: $3,200,000 raised)
Transit (2017: $5,000,000 raised)
Rx Drug Mart (2017: $10,000,000 raised)
Milestone Pharmaceuticals Inc (2017: $55,000,000 raised)
Leddartech (2017: Undisclosed raised)
Power Survey And Equipment Ltd (2017: $24,000,000 raised)
Gan Systems Inc (2017: Undisclosed raised)
Optosecurity (2017: Undisclosed raised)
Repare Therapeutics Inc (2017: $68,000,000 raised)
Monteris Medical Inc (2017: $26,600,000 raised)
Wave Accounting Inc (2017: $24,000,000 raised)
The Pythian Group Inc (2017: $15,000,000 raised)
Alert Labs (2017: Undisclosed raised)
Zymeworks Inc (2017: $75,000,000 raised)
Novarc Technologies (2017: $1,000,000 raised)
Websitebox (2017: Undisclosed raised)
Mojio (2016: $15,000,000 raised)
Sonder (2016: $10,000,000 raised)
Darkvision Technologies Inc (2016: $8,000,000 raised)
Diablo Technologies (2016: $37,000,000 raised)
Netlift (2016: $1,300,000 raised)
Medella Health (2016: $1,400,000 raised)
Tandemlaunch Ventures Ii (2016: $12,000,000 raised)
Wave Accounting Inc (2016: $6,700,000 raised)
Circle Cardiovascular Inc (2016: Undisclosed raised)
Aterlo Networks (2016: $1,000,000 raised)
Hockeystick Co (2016: $600,000 raised)
Crowdriff (2016: $2,000,000 raised)
Librestream Technologies (2016: $11,000,000 raised)
Sourceknowledge (2016: $1,500,000 raised)
Hortau Inc (2016: $10,000,000 raised)
Foodee (2016: $6,000,000 raised)
Diablo Technologies (2016: $19,000,000 raised)
Trulioo (2015: $15,000,000 raised)
Seamless Mobile Health Inc (2015: $1,100,000 raised)
Cenx Inc (2015: $12,500,000 raised)
Crew (2015: $8,500,000 raised)
Control Mobile Inc (2015: $1,500,000 raised)
Bit Stew Systems Inc (2015: $17,200,000 raised)
Sensorsuite (2015: $550,000 raised)
Corsa Technology (2015: $16,500,000 raised)
Foko (2014: $2,000,000 raised)
Version One Ventures (2014: $35,000,000 raised)
Regen Energy (2014: $12,000,000 raised)
Blinq Networks Inc (2014: $15,100,000 raised)
Xagenic Inc (2014: $25,500,000 raised)
Loginradius (2014: $1,300,000 raised)
Real Ventures
Fonds De Solidarité Ftq
Cycle Capital Management
Mistral Venture Partners
Versant Ventures
Yaletown Venture Partners Inc
500 Startups Canada
Advantage Capital Agribusiness Partners Lp
Anges Québec
Avrio Ventures Lp Ii
Battery Ventures
Capital Regional Et Cooperatif Desjardins
Capital Régional
Desjardins Capital
Enertech Capital
Export Development Canada
Export Development Canada (edc)
Extreme Venture Partners
Garage Capital
Go Capital
Hasso Plattner Ventures
High Alpha Capital
Investissement Quebec
Mcrock Capital
Mpm Capital
Omers Ventures
Relay Ventures
Y Combinator
iNovia Capital
1517 Fund
Accel Partners
Accelerate Fund
Advantage Capital
Alpha Capital
American Express
American Express Ventures
Anges Québec Capital Fund
Autotech Ventures
Avrio Capital
Bc Tech Fund
Bdc It Venture Fund
Bennett & Co
Birchmere Ventures
Birchview Capital
Blumberg Capital Llc
Bmw I Ventures
Bmw Iventures
Boldstart Venture Capital
Boxone Ventures
Build Ventures
Bvf Partners
Canadian Business Growth Fund
Canadian Business Growth Fund (cbgf)
Capital Partners Inc
Celgene Switzerland Llc
Celtic House
Celtic House Venture Partners Inc
Chrysalix Venture Capital
Cisco Investments
Citi Ventures
Comerica Inc
Connecticut Innovations
Coopératif Desjardins
Cowen Healthcare Investments
Cti Life Sciences Fund Lp
Cycle Capital
Dash Ventures
Differential Ventures
Domain Associates
Draper Associates
East Valley Ventures
Eli Lilly & Co And Lumira Capital
Emerald Technology Ventures
Epic Capital
Epic Capital Management
Evergreen Coast Capital
Felix Capital
Fidelity Investments Canada Ulc
Fifty Years Fund
Fintop Capital
First Ascent Ventures
Fluxunit (osram Ventures)
Fondaction Csn
Fonds Innovexport
Fonds Manufacturier Québécois S.e.c Ii
Forbion Capital Partners
Forgepoint Capital
Foundation Capital
Funders Club
GGV Capital
Ge Ventures
Generac Holdings Inc
Generation Ventures
Genesis Capital Llc
Gibraltar & Co
Gibraltar & Company
Gibraltar Ventures
Gii Tech Ventures
Goldman Sachs
Google Assistant Investment Program
Growth And Transition Capital
Harbor Street Ventures
Ia Financial Group
Ignition Partners
Impact Engine
Impression Ventures
Incite Ventures
Intact Ventures Inc
Israel Cleantech Ventures
Jackson Square Ventures
Kensington Global Private Equity Fund
Ktb Network Co Ltd
Launch Capital
Launchpad Venture Group Llc
Ldv Capital
Ldv Partners
Leaders Fund
Logos Capital
Lumira Capital Corp
Lune Rouge Innovation
Mahindra & Mahindra
Mars Iaf
Mars Investment Accelerator Fund
Mccain Foods Ltd
Monsanto Co
Nab Ventures
New Brunswick Innovation Foundation
New Enterprise Associates
New Venture Partners
Ngen Partners Llc
Northleaf Venture Catalyst Fund
Novo Holdings A/s
Opentext Enterprise App Fund
Os Fund
Pappas Capital
Pender Fund
Pender Technology Inflection Fund
Persistence Capital Partners
Portag3 Ventures
Purple Angels
Radicle Growth
Reach Capital
Rho Canada Ventures
Ripple Ventures
Roadmap Capital
Rockport Capital
Round13 Capital
Royal Bank Of Canada
Santander Innoventures
Scaleup Ventures
Seaspan Ulc
Sightline Partners
Sk Ventures
Social Capital
Spark Angels
Spark Capital
Speed Of Trust Ventures
Summerhill Venture Partners
Sustainable Development Technology Canada
Sustainable Development Technology Canada (sdtc)
Tandem Expansion Fund
Tenfore Holdings
Thayer Ventures
The Accelerate Fund
The Co-operators
True Ventures
Tsing Capital
Ubc Seed Fund
Vancouver Founder Fund
Vanedge Capital
Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative (vcci)
White Star Capital
Whitecap Venture Partners
Win Fund Lp
Yaletown Capital Partners
Yaletown Partners
Ycle Capital Management
York Angels
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