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Metamorphic Ventures Llc
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Allset Technologies Inc (2016: $2,350,000 raised)
Talkspace (2016: $15,000,000 raised)
Agrilyst (2016: $1,000,000 raised)
Rebagg (2016: $8,000,000 raised)
Zodiac (2016: $3,000,000 raised)
Trusted Labs Inc (2016: $2,100,000 raised)
Betterview (2016: $1,550,000 raised)
Charge Communication (2015: $1,700,000 raised)
Rebagg (2015: $4,000,000 raised)
Digital Genius Ltd (2015: $3,000,000 raised)
Alphadraft (2015: $5,000,000 raised)
Mode Inc (2015: $775,000 raised)
Alleywatch Llc (2015: $1,400,000 raised)
Stanza (2015: $4,300,000 raised)
Vrideo (2015: $1,800,000 raised)
Move Loot Inc (2015: $9,000,000 raised)
Sense360 (2015: $2,750,000 raised)
Launchkey (2014: $3,000,000 raised)
Talkspace (2014: $1,000,000 raised)
Boxbee (2014: $5,000,000 raised)
Switch (2014: $1,400,000 raised)
Upcounsel (2014: $2,400,000 raised)
Wanderu (2014: $5,600,000 raised)
Voyat Inc (2014: $1,800,000 raised)
Fuisz Media Inc (2014: $2,100,000 raised)
Bindo Labs Inc (2014: $1,800,000 raised)
Indiegogo Inc (2014: $40,000,000 raised)
Sulia Inc (2013: $6,000,000 raised)
Ngage Labs (2013: $6,900,000 raised)
Movable Ink (2013: $11,000,000 raised)
Chango Inc (2012: $12,000,000 raised)
33across Inc (2012: $13,100,205 raised)
Fisoc Inc (2012: $3,400,000 raised)
Indiegogo Inc (2012: $15,000,000 raised)
Mass Relevance Inc (2012: $3,628,081 raised)
Crosslink Capital
Founder Collective
Fj Labs
Eniac Ventures
First Round Capital
Firstmark Capital Llc
General Catalyst
Greycroft Partners
Greycroft Partners Llc
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Lerer Hippeau Ventures
Mhs Capital
Pelion Venture Partners
500 Startups
Allegro Venture Partners
Andreessen Horowitz Llc
Arena Ventures
Atlas Venture
Az Digital Farm
Bam Ventures
Basset Investment Group
Battery Ventures
Big Sur Ventures
Big Sur Ventures-necotium
Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
Cherubic Ventures
Contour Venture Partners
Double M Capital
East Ventures
Extreme Venture Partners
Ff Ventures
First Round
Floodgate Fund Lp
Flybridge Capital Partners
Flybridge Capital Partners Lp
Freestyle Capital
Gary Vaynerchuk
General Catalyst Partners
Great Oaks
IDG Ventures
Ia Ventures Llc
Index Great Oaks
Insight Venture Partners
Institutional Venture Partners
Intel Capital
Kec Holdings
Kec Ventures
Khosla Ventures
Kpcb Edge
Lerer-hippeau Ventures
Lowercase Capital Llc
Lumia Capital
Maiden Lane Ventures
Mantella Venture Partners
Melo7 Tech Partners
Mesa Ventures
Metaprop Nyc
Michael Lazerow
Norwest Venture Partners
Panorama Capital Llc
Pantera Capital
Qualcomm Ventures
Queensbridge Venture Partners
RRE Ventures
Red Sea Ventures
Rho Canada Ventures
Rhodium Ventures
Rimrock Venture Partners
Router Ventures Lp
Scout Ventures
Sg Vc Lp
Sherpa Ventures
Sk Ventures
Slow Ventures
Smrk Vc Fund
Soft Bank
Spark Capital
Stanford-startx Fund
Techstars Ventures
Tekton Ventures
Telenav Inc
Upfront Ventures
Village Ventures
Western Technology Investment
Wme Upfront Ventures
ff Venture Capital
iNovia Capital
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