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United States
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Carbyne (2018: $15,000,000 raised)
Naked Labs Inc (2018: $14,000,000 raised)
Cedar (2018: $36,000,000 raised)
Indee Labs (2018: $2,600,000 raised)
Opensea (2018: $2,000,000 raised)
Flexport (2018: $100,000,000 raised)
Quizrr Llc (2018: $1,300,000 raised)
Harbor Platform Inc (2018: $28,000,000 raised)
Virta Health (2018: $45,000,000 raised)
Ifonly (2018: $20,000,000 raised)
Cobalt Robotics (2018: $13,000,000 raised)
Oscar Health (2018: $165,000,000 raised)
Pipefy Inc (2018: $16,000,000 raised)
Unity Biotechnology (2018: $55,000,000 raised)
Nubank (2018: $150,000,000 raised)
Collectivehealth Inc (2018: $110,000,000 raised)
Smith Health Inc (2018: $9,000,000 raised)
Unbound (2017: $2,700,000 raised)
Cedar (2017: $13,000,000 raised)
Cloud9 Esports Inc (2017: $25,000,000 raised)
Nanotronics (2017: $30,000,000 raised)
Carrot Inc (2017: $3,600,000 raised)
Teckro (2017: $10,000,000 raised)
Hubble (2017: $10,000,000 raised)
Ritual (2017: $10,500,000 raised)
Cabin (2017: $3,000,000 raised)
Hypertrack (2017: $7,000,000 raised)
Realcadre Llc (2017: $65,000,000 raised)
Sana Uk Ltd (2017: $1,000,000 raised)
Shipamax (2017: $2,500,000 raised)
Zenreach (2017: $30,000,000 raised)
Freenome Ltd (2017: $65,000,000 raised)
Researchgate (2017: $52,600,000 raised)
Moon Express Inc (2017: $20,000,000 raised)
Nubank (2016: $80,000,000 raised)
Mobalytics (2016: $2,600,000 raised)
Hubble Contacts (2016: $7,200,000 raised)
Postmates (2016: $141,000,000 raised)
Flexport (2016: $65,000,000 raised)
Teckro (2016: $6,000,000 raised)
Homee Interiors Inc (2016: $5,000,000 raised)
Cleartax (2016: $2,000,000 raised)
Siftery (2016: $4,000,000 raised)
Knewton (2016: $52,250,017 raised)
Neurotrak (2016: $6,500,000 raised)
Branch Metrics (2016: $35,000,000 raised)
Blend Labs Inc (2016: $40,000,000 raised)
Collectivehealth Inc (2015: $81,000,000 raised)
La Techwatch (2015: $3,100,000 raised)
Runtitle+com (2015: $8,000,000 raised)
Service Technologies Inc (2015: $3,100,000 raised)
Genesis Healthcare Inc (2015: $5,100,000 raised)
Mousera Inc (2015: $20,000,000 raised)
Tachyus (2015: $13,000,000 raised)
Bolt Threads Inc (2015: $40,000,000 raised)
Oscar Insurance Corp (2015: $145,000,000 raised)
Porch+com Inc (2015: $65,000,000 raised)
Boxed (2015: $25,000,000 raised)
Stripe Inc (2014: $70,000,000 raised)
Glow (2014: $17,000,000 raised)
Radius Intelligence (2014: $54,700,000 raised)
Azumio Inc (2014: $916,215 raised)
Ubeam (2014: $750,000 raised)
Canva Inc (2014: $3,600,000 raised)
Hinge (2014: $4,500,000 raised)
Oscar Health Insurance (2014: $80,000,000 raised)
Makespace Labs Inc (2014: $8,000,000 raised)
Sols (2014: $6,400,000 raised)
Declara (2014: $16,000,000 raised)
Tachyus (2014: $6,000,000 raised)
Lyft (2014: $250,000,000 raised)
Altschool (2014: $33,000,000 raised)
Oyster Books (2014: $22,104,600 raised)
Nanotronics Imaging Llc (2013: $7,000,000 raised)
Ifonly (2013: $12,000,000 raised)
Declara (2013: $5,000,000 raised)
Neurotrack (2013: $2,000,000 raised)
Urban Compass Inc (2013: $20,000,000 raised)
Glow (2013: $6,000,000 raised)
Oscar (2013: $40,000,000 raised)
Outbox Inc (2013: $6,621,000 raised)
Hampton Creek Foods (2013: $1,000,000 raised)
Natera (2013: $54,600,000 raised)
Postmates (2013: $5,000,000 raised)
Domo Inc (2013: $60,000,000 raised)
Appcard (2013: $6,500,000 raised)
Theaudience (2012: $20,000,000 raised)
Oyster (2012: $3,000,000 raised)
Tribogenics Inc (2012: $6,200,000 raised) (2012: $1,000,000 raised)
Taskrabbit Inc (2012: $13,000,000 raised)
Practice Fusion (2012: $34,000,000 raised)
Medtech Solutions Inc (2012: $750,000 raised)
Leap Motion (2012: $12,750,000 raised)
Backplane (2012: $4,000,000 raised)
Yammer Inc (2012: $81,000,000 raised)
Backplane Inc (2012: $4,000,000 raised)
Andreessen Horowitz Llc
Khosla Ventures
Sequoia Capital
SV Angel
Thrive Capital
Felicis Ventures Llc
First Round Capital
Formation 8
General Catalyst
Ame Cloud Ventures
Arena Ventures
Bloomberg Beta
Data Collective
GGV Capital
Greycroft Partners Llc
Lightspeed Venture Partners
Maveron Llc
New Enterprise Associates
Accel Partners
Box Group
Capricorn Investment Group Llc
Eight Ventures
Firstmark Capital Llc
Foundation Capital
Goldman Sachs
Google Ventures
Highland Capital Partners
Lux Capital
Menlo Ventures
Redpoint Ventures
Shasta Ventures
Signia Venture Partners
Sound Ventures
Two River
Upfront Ventures
Valor Equity Partners Lp
Wildcat Capital Management
Y Combinator
1517 Fund
406 Ventures
500 Startups
6 Dimensions Capital
8 Vc
ARCH Venture Partners
Abstract Ventures
Almaz Capital
Alphabet Inc
Altitude Life Science Ventures
Ame Cloud
American Express Ventures
Artis Ventures
Asset Management Ventures
Austin Ventures
Baillie Gifford
Bain Capital Ventures Llc
Band Of Angels
Barton Asset Management
Baseline Ventures
Baseline Ventures Llc
Bessemer Venture Partners
Bezos Expeditions
Blackbird Ventures
Blockchain Capital
Bluerun Ventures
Brainchild Holdings
Caffeinated Capital
Capital G
Catamount Ventures Lp
Charles River Ventures
Chernin Group
Cherubic Ventures
Claremont Creek Ventures
Coinbase Ventures
Collaborative Fund
Core Vc
Correlation Ventures
Craft Ventures
Data Collective Venture Capital
Deep Fork Capital
Dfj Growth
Digital Sky Technologies
Discovery Fund
Dolby Family Ventures
Dst Global
Dst Global Investment Partners
Ecor1 Capital Fund Lp
Elsted Capital Partners
Emergence Capital
Enterprise Ireland
Expansion Vc
Ff Angel
Fidelity Management & Research Company
Fj Labs
Ford Foundation
Forerunner Ventures
Four Rivers Group
Future Perfect Ventures
General Catalyst Partners
Glynn Capital
Glynn Capital Management
Goldman Sachs Investment Partners Lp
Greylock Discovery Fund
Greylock Partners
Gsv Capital Corp
Guggenheim Partners
Gv (the Former Google Ventures)
Harmony Partners
Harrison Metal
Horizon Ventures
Hyatt Hotels
Innovation Endeavors
Intertainment Media
Investment Corporation Of Dubai (icd)
Invus Opportunities
Iseed Ventures
Learn Capital
Longevity Fund
Lowercase Capital Llc
Lumia Capital
Main Sequence Ventures
Martin Ventures
Matrix Partners
Maven Ventures
Maverick Capital Ltd
Maverick Ventures
Mercato Partners
Meritech Capital Partners
Morgenthaler Ventures
Mubadala Ventures
Nextgen Venture Partners
Nexus Venture Partners
Norwest Venture Partners
O'reilly Alphatech Ventures
Obvious Ventures
Omidyar Network
OrbiMed Advisors
Pantera Capital
Participant Media
Partner Fund Management Lp
Peterson Ventures
PivotNorth Capital
Pivotal Alpha Ltd
Playground Global
Polaris Partners
Precursor Ventures
Promus Ventures
RRE Ventures
Redpoint Eventures
Ribbit Capital Lp
Scifi Vc
Seabed Vc
Sf Express
Sherpa Ventures
Shervin Pishevar
Sl Green
Slow Ventures
Social Capital
Social+capital Partnership
Softtech Ventures
Sogal Ventures
Square Peg Capital
Stable Fund
Stanley Druckenmiller
Storm Ventures
Streamlined Ventures
Sun Life Financial Inc
Tdf Ventures
The Social+capital Partnership
The Wellcome Trust
Third Point Llc
Tiger Global Lp
Trinity Ventures
TriplePoint Capital
U.S. Venture Partners
Vaizra Investments
Valor Capital
Venture 51
Vy Capital
Wellington Management Company
Western Technology Investments
Working Capital
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