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Funding history

DateDeal sizeInvestors
May 2nd, 2016$26,484,000Fonds Européen D’investissement (fei)
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Tibot Technologies (2019: $3,300,000 raised)
Jobteaser (2019: $55,500,000 raised)
Daytwo (2019: $31,000,000 raised)
Transfergo (2019: $3,400,000 raised)
Biomx (2019: $32,000,000 raised)
Aston Itrade Finance (2019: $6,800,000 raised)
Vedanta Biosciences (2018: $27,000,000 raised)
Expensya (2018: $5,296,800 raised)
Homerez (2018: $7,945,200 raised)
Galecto Biotech Ab (2018: $91,100,000 raised)
Izicap (2018: $7,945,200 raised)
Indexima (2018: $2,648,400 raised)
Enterome Sa (2018: $38,500,000 raised)
Mycotechnology Inc (2017: $42,000,000 raised)
Eligo Bioscience Sas (2017: $20,000,000 raised)
Anaeropharma Science (2017: $13,100,000 raised)
Push Doctor (2017: $26,100,000 raised)
Daytwo (2017: $12,000,000 raised)
Biomx (2017: $24,000,000 raised)
Pitchy Bros Prod Sas (2017: $5,296,800 raised)
Botfuel Sas (2017: $1,721,460 raised)
Cryocapcell (2017: $1,986,300 raised)
Skinjay (2017: $4,634,700 raised)
Yelloan (2016: $2,317,350 raised)
Keen Eye Technologies (2016: $1,986,300 raised)
Anytime (2016: $6,621,000 raised)
Actronika (2016: $1,589,040 raised)
Targedys (2016: $7,680,360 raised)
Payleven (2016: $10,000,000 raised)
Horsecom Sas (2016: $1,130,000 raised)
Mycotechnology Inc (2015: $6,700,000 raised)
Maat Pharma (2015: $1,324,200 raised)
Eligo Bioscience S.a.s (2015: $2,200,000 raised)
Open Ocean (2015: $2,118,720 raised)
Balyo (2015: $13,242,000 raised)
Kayentis (2015: Undisclosed raised)
Jobteaser (2015: $3,972,600 raised)
Maat Pharma (2015: $1,324,200 raised)
Quanta Fluid Solutions Ltd (2014: $42,630,300 raised)
Kebony (2014: $10,593,600 raised)
Praditus (2014: $1,721,460 raised)
Minutebuzz (2014: $1,324,200 raised)
Anevia (2014: $9,004,560 raised)
Enterome Bioscience Sa (2014: $13,900,000 raised)
Webinterpret (2014: $6,621,000 raised)
Txcell (2014: $21,452,040 raised)
Prestashop (2014: $8,938,350 raised)
Endocontrol (2013: $5,296,800 raised)
Motwin (2013: $2,648,400 raised)
Middle Peak Medical (2013: $3,000,000 raised)
Imusic-school (2013: $2,979,450 raised)
Motwin (2013: $2,700,000 raised)
Middle Peak Medical (2013: $8,500,000 raised)
Advanced Accelerator Applications (2013: $6,356,160 raised)
Nexess (2013: $3,310,500 raised)
Recommerce Solutions (2013: $9,401,820 raised)
Txcell (2012: $16,000,000 raised)
Netino Sa (2012: $2,648,400 raised)
Assurone Group Sa (2012: $15,228,300 raised)
Enterome Sa (2012: $6,621,000 raised)
Wellington Partners
Auriga Partners
Cdc Entreprises
Entrepreneur Venture
Innobio Fund
Johnson & Johnson
Lundbeckfond Ventures
Middleland Capital
Naxicap Partners
Omnes Capital
S2g Ventures
Sbi Japan-israel Innovation Fund
Sigma Gestion
3t Capital
Accelerated Digital Ventures
B Cinque
B To V Partners
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bird & Bird Paris
Breega Capital
Breizh Up
Bristol Myers-squibb Co
Bristol-myers Squibb
Bristol-myers Squibb Co
Business Angels
Cap Décisif Management
Cdc Innovation
Century Partners
Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp
Closed Loop Fund Lp
Cm Cic Capital Privé
Cm-cic Capital Innovation
Cm-cic Capital Privé
Consensus Business Group
Crédit Agricole Ille
Draper Esprit
Edwards Lifesciences
Emerson Collective
Environmental Technologies Fund
Fonds Ambition Numérique
Force 29
French Investment Fund
Fsn Pme
Greatpoint Ventures Innovation Fund Lp
Handok Inc
Hbm Healthcare Investments
Health For Life Capital
High-tech Gründerfonds
Highland Europe
Hoegh Consortium
Holtzbrinck Ventures
Idinvest Partners
Imi Plc
Invesco Asset Management
Johnson & Johnson Innovation - Jjdc Inc
Johnson & Johnson Innovation – Jjdc Inc
Kb Investment Co Ltd
Khosla Ventures
Korelya Capital
Linde Material Handling
Lundbeckfonden Ventures
M Ventures
Maverick Ventures
Mayo Clinic
Munich Venture Partners
Nbgi Ventures
Nci Inc
Nestlé Health Science
New Enterprise Associates (nea)
Novartis Pharma
Novo Seeds
Ofek Ventures
Orbimed Israel
Oxford Capital
Paca Investissement
Partech Ventures
Pontifax Ltd
Puretech Health
Puretech Health Plc
Rm Global Partners (rmgp) Biopharma Investment Fund
Robolution Capital
Rock Springs Capital
Serena Capital
Seroba Kernel
Sunstone Capital
Tao Capital Partners
Vilaine Expansion
Viveris Management
Xange Private Equity
Ysios Capital
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