Supersonic Imagine raised $15,228,300 on .

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Amount:$15,228,300Original amount: 11,500,000 (EUR)
Industry:Medical devices and equipment
Aix En Provence
Key people:Jérémy Bercoff (Director of the Ultrasound Department)
Claude Cohen-bacrie (Co - Founder & Scientific Director)
Damien Dolimier (Co-founder and Software Director)
Guillaume Dupont ()
Bradley Garrett (Chief Customer Fulfillment Officer)
Kurt Kelln (Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Business Officer)
Olivier Litzka (Board Member)
Alexia Perouse (Board of Directors)
Jacques Souquet (Founder and CEO)
Gordon Waldron (Vice President and Chief Financial Officer)
Data sources: - L'échographe SUPERSONIC IMAGINE lance une levée de fonds , Fusacq Buzz - SuperSonic Imagine : lève 11,5 ME sur le marché
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