D-wave Systems Inc raised $21,000,000 on , from Fidelity Investments.

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Industry:Computers and Peripherals
British Columbia
Key people:Vern Brownell (President and Chief Executive Officer)
Steve Cakebread (SVP CAO/CFO)
David Campbell (Investor)
Roslynn Drewitt-lange (Controller, VP, Finance)
Dr. Geordie Rose (Founder and Chief Technology Officer)
Eric Ladizinsky (Co-Founder and Chief Scientist)
Jeremy P. Hilton (Vice President of Processor Development, Director, Intellectual Property, Vice President, Processor Development)
David Pires (Vice President, Hardware Engineering, Vice President, Hardware Engineering, Director, Product Engineering)
Warren Wall (Chief Operating Officer, EVP, COO)
Dr. William Macready (Vice President, Software Engineering)
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