Lockerdome Llc raised $10,000,000 on , from Cultivation Capital.

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Industry:Media and entertainment
United States
St Louis
Key people:Jim Enright (SVP Business Development & Marketing, SVP Sales & Marketing)
Aaron Hinni (Lead Developer)
Clifford Holekamp (Board Member)
Mark Lewis (CFO, Director, Executive Officer)
Bob Lozano (Advisor)
Gabe Lozano (CEO, CEO & Co-founder)
Brian Matthews (Board Member, Director)
Frank Pica (Director of Partnerships)
Rasheed Sulaiman (Creative Director)
Yomi Toba (, Co-Founder, President of Technology)
Data sources: - (Subscription) LockerDome raises $10 million, plans to add jobs - RT @CultivationCap: Congratulations to @lockerdome! Lockerdome raises $10 million and adds Dave Peacock to the board. - St. Louis startup LockerDome, led by @gabelozano, raises $10 million in Series B financing – - RT @adelynlee: Always excited to see what new stuff these guys have in the works-->@LockerDome raises $10 million vi…
Lockerdome Llc closed 10M in investment (2014, December 15th). Lockerdome Llc is specialized in Media and entertainment.
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