Verenium raised $22,500,000 on , from Athyrium Opportunities Fund.

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Industry:Industrial and energy
United States
Key people:Nelson Barton (VP, Research & Development)
Jeffrey Black (Executive Officer, Executive_Officer, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer)
James Cavanaugh (Director)
Alexander Fitzpatrick (Executive Officer)
Gerald Haines (Executive_Officer)
Mark Leschly (Board of Directors)
James Levine (Director, Executive Officer, Executive_Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer)
Carlos Riva (CEO, Director, Executive_Officer)
Dan Robertson (VP, Biofuels R&D)
Janet Roemer (Executive Officer, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Executive_Officer)
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Verenium raised 23M in funds (2012, December 10th). Verenium specializes in Industrial and energy.
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