Triggit raised $7,400,000 on , from Foundry Group, Spark Capital.

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Industry:Business Products and Services
United States
Key people:Zach Coelius (CEO, Co-Founder & CEO, Board Members)
Susan Coelius Keplinger (Co-Founder & COO, Board Members, COO)
Jason Knapp (Board of Advisors)
Seth Levine (Board Member)
Ross Mayfield (Advisor)
Santo Politi (Board Member)
Charles Sprincin (Board Members)
Ryan Tecco (CTO)
Mike Winters (VP Accounts, Account Director, Account Manager)
Chris Zaharias (Chief Revenue Officer)
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An amount of 7.4M was completed by Triggit in a capital raising (November 29th, 2012). Triggit, an enterprise based in United States, is a Software company.
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