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United States
Industry:Retailing and distribution
Detailed industries:ecommerce
Company description

Kitsy Lane provides the opportunity for those who sign up as Kitsy Lane Boutique Owners to earn an income through commissions on items sold through their Kitsy Lane boutiques. Commissions are calculated based on the sale prices of items sold, minus any discounts or promotions applied. Shipping and sales tax are not included in the calculation. There are certain items or sales where commissions may not apply. If an item is returned, the Boutique Owner does not earn a commission ...on that item; if the Boutique Owner has already received a commission on this item, the commission amount will be deducted from their next commission payment. In addition to earning commissions on items sold through their own Kitsy Lane boutiques, Boutique Owners may also earn commissions on items sold through Boutique Owners they have directly recruited to Kitsy Lane ("Downlines"). Boutique Owners additionally earn 15% of the commissions earned by each of their first-level Downlines. They do not earn commission for Boutique Owners recruited by their Downlines (ie, second or third-level Downlines). Commissions are generally paid within 60 days after the item's return period has expired. In order to receive commission payment, a Boutique Owner must have a Boutique Owner account in good standing. Kitsy Lane reserves the right, in its reasonable discretion, to suspend any Boutique Owner account, either fully or partially, at any time, for reasons including but not limited to:the Boutique Owner has spammed other users to promote their boutique - this includes sending unsolicited emails to people they do not personally know, whether through our Site or through another email service, or spamming message boards and forums on other websites;the Boutique Owner has stopped actively managing their boutique and/or has neglected or alienated their customers;the Boutique Owner is operating more than 5 Kitsy Lane boutiques (currently each boutique is limited to 500 registered customers);or the Boutique Owner has otherwise violated these Terms of Service or other terms and conditions as they apply to specific features of this Site. Partial account suspensions may mean: (1) suspension of the availability of any boutique, (2) suspension of certain features in the account such as the ability to send emails or social media messages through the Site, (3) removal of Downlines, and/or (4) forfeiture of some or all outstanding commissions. MoreLess


Funding history

DateDeal sizeInvestors 
February 6th, 2014$1,051,000-View Deal
January 9th, 2013$3,500,000Data Point Capital, Longworth Venture Partners, Point Judith CapitalView Deal
November 30th, 2012$500,000-View Deal
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Key people
Andy FoxDirector, Executive Officer
James KellerDirector
Sean MarshDirector
Scott SavitzDirector
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