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Metabrain Research was created in 2009 following the strategic decision of Merck Serono to abandon metabolic disorders R&D, and therefore close its preclinical research centres focusing on diabetes, including our site based in Chilly-Mazarin, near Paris, France. This was the opportunity for four managers to envisage creating a company aiming to preserve the site's human and technical assets, and prolong its history dating back to the fifties that involved contributions to the development of the ultimate diabetic blockbuster, Metformin. Therefore, ...not only do we benefit from state-of-the-art drug discovery capacities and experienced staff, but our industrial background has shaped our vision of what makes future drugs "relevant" and importantly how to make the most out of collaborative research. In addition, the team has had the experience at managing projects targeting most commonly worked-on anti-diabetic drug targets as well as metabolic pathways and signaling cascades that we identified. This background puts us in a position to not only offer our expertise to the projects in development at our partner's, but also to propose innovative starting points for collaborative early-stage programs. MoreLess


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DateDeal sizeInvestors 
October 2nd, 2012$1,589,040Bnp Paribas, Hsbc, Societe GeneraleView Deal
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