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United States
San Francisco
Detailed industries:business services
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We focus on solving the communication needs that are specific to sales and strive to deliver technology that actually helps make sales calls more effective. For example, we work to minimize the time it takes to start a call with a prospect, we free sales teams from having to email huge attachments back and forth all day long, and we help deliver high-fidelity, enterprise-appropriate content to customers. We enable sales teams to build the perfectly scripted pitch with rich content, ...and then mix in live demos and impromptu answers to customer questions. We provide a clean, easy to use interface, but also make additional power-user features available as needed. ClearSlide collects useful analytics on how both the sales team and customers interact with the content. This allows sales representatives to better focus their time and drives smarter follow-ups. Sales management can also use these insights to better understand their team's activity and to coach towards more effective processes. And, marketing can understand how the content they produce is actually used by the sales teams and can encourage sales to use the most up to date collateral. We can also send data back and forth to CRM systems such as Salesforce to better integrate with your existing processes. Our goal at ClearSlide is to be a key partner for sales organizations. We strive to provide an excellent level of customer service, and you can be assured that you can connect with a live member of our team to help with any questions you may have. We will do everything we can to make your team, processes, and customer interactions more successful. MoreLess


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Key people
Jim BentonCo-Founder & Chief Business Officer, COO & Co Founder & BOD, COO and Co Founder, COO& Co Founder & BOD
Sean BlackBoard of Advisors
Lawrence BruhmullerVP Engineering
Carol CarpenterCMO
Carlos DelatorreSVP Enterprise Sales
Dustin GrosseCOO
Al LiebCEO & Co Founder, CEO & Co Founder & BOD
John LillyBoard Director, Board Member, Board of Directors
Jason MuellerProduct Manager
Kevin RailsbackSenior Manager, Site Operations
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