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United States
Industry:Consumer Products and Services
Detailed industries:Organizations, Charitable Organizations & Foundations
Company description

CouchSurfing is a non-profit organization dedicated to the global community. CouchSurfing was created specifically so that everyone can travel the world and partake in cultural exchange. Staying with your host(s) is also always free; it is contrary to the values of CouchSurfing and against our terms of use to charge someone to surf your couch. Many surfers like to bring their hosts gifts or treat them to a meal as a "Thank you," but this is not a requirement. There ...are infinite ways to reciprocate goodwill. MoreLess


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Key people
Matt CohlerMember, Board of Directors
Matthew CohlerDirector
Anthony EspinozaDirector, Executive_Officer
Tony EspinozaCEO
Casey FentonDirector, Inspirer
Sebastien Giao Le TuanCo-Founder
Daniel HofferCo-Founder, President, Director
Jason SandersExecutive_Officer
Jonathan TeoDirector
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