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United States
Detailed industries:Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology
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Molecular Templates Inc. is creating an entirely new generation of potent anti-cancer agents based on proprietary applied proteomics technologies. The novel therapeutic agents in development by MTI are aimed particularly at melanoma, prostate and other metastatic cancers. Such agents are derived from the sophisticated mutation and selection of Shiga-like toxin (SLT) variants using recombinant DNA and proprietary ‘applied proteomics' technologies. New SLT therapeutic agents are created via a systematic approach involving the generation of a large number of mutant SLT ...genetic sequences that form a permanent combinatorial DNA library. From the library, SLT mutant genes are expressed and the corresponding protein toxins are screened for their ability to kill cancer cell-lines, whilst leaving normal human cell-lines unharmed. Such therapeutic agents have potential advantages for aggressive metastatic cancers that spread to multiple sites in the body, in addition to specific tumour cell-killing capacity. Other uses of derived molecular species, including the DNA libraries themselves, are part of MTI's business objectives. Molecular Templates Inc. aims to advance the pre-clinical and clinical development of novel treatments for melanoma, prostate and other cancers and move rapidly into clinical trials. MTI conducts R&D operations from its laboratory at the University Health Network:Telephone: Facsimile: 416 946 2967 416 946 6529 For MTI business contact information, click here. MoreLess


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Key people
Louis BockDirector
Casey CunninghamDirector
Steven GullansDirector
Stephen HowardDirector
Jason KimExecutive Officer
Kevin LalandeDirector
Eric PomaDirector, Executive Officer, Executive_Officer
Joseph ReganBoard Director
Timothy SullivanDirector
Larry WitteDirector
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