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United States
Redwood City
Industry:Business Products and Services
Detailed industries:Media & Internet, Search Engines & Internet Portals
Company description

Blekko is a consumer facing web search engine. We have our own crawl, index, ranking model, webserver and NoSQL database. Most of the code and modeling that supports our product has been done here at Blekko. Since we are still a small company, there are lots of interesting projects for everyone to work on. The code is mostly written in perl, with the performance sensitive parts dropped down to C or C++. We are interested in people interested in distributed ...programming and computational problems, dealing with large amounts of data. Most of the work at Blekko is applied problem solving in a complicated system with many moving parts. We use approximations and probabilistic strategies often. We are interested in enthusiastic contributors whose backgrounds match the following:Self-motivated engineer interested in growing their skills on difficult problemsSearch engineering, bonus for web searchExperience in tech startups and/or domain-relevant companiesLarge-scale distributed systems, especially NoSQL type databases. Applied math, statistics or machine learning, particularly as applied to approximation and hypothesis testingUNIX/linux, perl, C/C++, pythonPlease send a copy of your resume to MoreLess


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Key people
Tom AnnauVP of Engineering
Steve KrauszBoard Member
Rich LefurgyInvestor
Greg LindahlCTO, Founder, CTO
Mike MarksonCMO, VP of Marketing, Board of Directors, Founder, VP of Marketing, Board of Directors
Chuck McmanisVice President of Engineering
Keith PetersChief Architect
Rich SkrentaFounder, CEO, Board of Directors
Clark StephensDirector of Business Development
Lloyd TabbMember, Board of Directors
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