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United States
Aliso Viejo
Detailed industries:messaging
Company description

We created YouMail because we believe basic cell phone voicemail is, quite frankly, lame. We were annoyed by a bunch of stuff, like: How come we could personalize every aspect of our cell phone - like ringtones - but couldn't change a greeting for a specific caller? Why did we have to listen to ten voicemail just to get to the one that mattered? How come if we accidentally deleted a voicemail, we could never get it ...back? Why couldn't we easily share or permanently save important voicemails, like a friend's drunk dial or a relative's engagement call? Why does your phone tell you that you have a voicemail, but not who left them, when or how important they are? Why do we have to sit through useless instructions all the time? Why can't we automatically hang up on people who we don't want to talk to anymore? Why do we have to record greetings at all? We want to just choose cool ones like ringtones! MoreLess


Funding history

DateDeal sizeInvestors 
April 1st, 2015$5,500,000-View Deal
February 9th, 2015$2,910,000-View Deal
July 12th, 2011$593,047-View Deal
July 12th, 2011$560,671-View Deal
July 12th, 2011$1,000,000-View Deal
September 17th, 2010$410,000-View Deal
July 13th, 2009$1,517,415-View Deal
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Key people
Ken BrickleyCo-Founder, VP Online Marketing
Craig CooperBoard Member, Director
Brian DaviExecutive Officer, VP Marketing
Patrick GallagherBoard of Directors, Director
Dave KeyCEO, CFO and EVP of Corporate Ops, Executive_Officer
Alex QuiliciCEO, Director, Executive Officer, Executive_Officer
Michael RudolphExecutive Officer
Mike RudolphCTO, Executive_Officer
Tom SaftigExecutive Officer
Lee WeinbergBoard Member & Secretary, Director, Executive Officer
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