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United States
New York
New York City
Detailed industries:software
Company description

SundaySky is transforming the relationship between brand and customer through personalized video. Our platform, built on proprietary SmartVideo technology, combines the power of video with personalized storytelling at scale to foster long-term customer relationships. The SmartVideo Platform lets marketers communicate to an audience of one and easily create, manage and optimize real-time personalized video programs throughout the customer lifecycle.


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Key people
Yaniv AxenCTO & Co-Founder, CTO and Founder, Executive_Officer
Dan ClarkeBoard Member
Andrew ClelandBoard Member
Jim DicsoCRO & President, CRO and President
Andrew GoldfarbBoard Member
Andy GoldfarbBoard Member
Tony KyberdHead of Customer Success
Dror NahumiBoard Member, Board of Director, Director
Jonathan SeeligBoard, Board Member, Director
Shmulik WellerCEO & Co-Founder, CEO and Founder, Executive_Officer
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