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United States
Company description

FRONTDESK is a division of Regent Business Centers that has been providing individuals and corporations office facilities for over sixteen years. Our goal is to not just provide office space but create flexible, sophisticated environments that accommodate the ever- changing needs of our clients by anticipating and providing for all the demands of operating in today's marketplace. FRONTDESK was established in order to provide our clients the same support and quality services for their off site needs. [company description ...from] MoreLess


Funding history

DateDeal sizeInvestors 
December 23rd, 2014$4,000,000Floodgate, Rich Barton, Second Avenue Partners, Version One VenturesView Deal
November 25th, 2013$1,110,000-View Deal
August 7th, 2012$1,000,000-View Deal
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Key people
Stephen BrewerDirector, Executive Officer, Executive_Officer
Nick HanauerDirector
Jon ZimmermanDirector, Executive Officer, Executive_Officer
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