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Apellis Pharmaceuticals IncFunding history
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United States
Detailed industries:biotechnology
Company description

Apellis is a clinical stage immunotherapy company and targets the complement pathways to correct auto-immune conditions.


Funding history

DateDeal sizeInvestors 
December 2nd, 2014$33,000,000Aju Ib Investment Co Ltd, Epidarex Ventures, Morningside VenturesView Deal
August 21st, 2014$17,842,487-View Deal
July 25th, 2012$692,995-View Deal
June 1st, 2011$1,688,500-View Deal
May 21st, 2010$1,700,000-View Deal
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Key people
Marie-claude BernalDirector
Gerald ChanDirector
David DarstDirector
David Darst, Jr.Director
Pascal DeschateletsCo-founder & Chief Operating Officer, Director, Executive Officer, Executive_Officer, Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Cedric FrancoisCo-founder & Chief Executive Officer/President, Director, Executive Officer, Executive_Officer
Stephen GilliesDirector
Angus MclachlanBiomedical Engineer
Douglas OnsiDirector
Mike YeadonConsultant Acting Chief Scientific Officer
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