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United States
San Francisco
Detailed industries:biotechnology
Company description

Vaxart has developed a platform technology that will let almost any vaccine be delivered orally. Our initial applications include Avian Influenza, annual influenza, second-generation oral versions of existing vaccines, and unmet needs. The company is currently testing an avian flu vaccine in animal models and is working toward a clinical trial in 2010. [company description from]


Funding history

DateDeal sizeInvestors 
January 8th, 2015$18,400,000-View Deal
August 5th, 2013$19,999,997-View Deal
June 29th, 2012$16,868,419-View Deal
January 14th, 2010$3,496,108-View Deal
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Key people
John CornwellExecutive_Officer, VPN&COO
Michael FinneyDirector, Executive_Officer
Wouter LatourCEO and Director , Director, Executive Officer, Executive_Officer
Jan LeschlyDirector
David LiebowitzExecutive_Officer
David MaddenExecutive Officer, Executive_Officer
Richard MarkhamDirector
Sean TuckerDirector, Executive Officer, Executive_Officer, Founder, Chief Scientific Officer
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