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United States
Mountain View
Detailed industries:search
Company description

Quixey is The Search Engine for Apps -- searching mobile, desktop, web, and browser apps. Quixey invented a new type of search, Functional Search', that allows users to find apps by searching for what they want to do. Quixey partners with major app stores, search engines, manufacturers, carriers and web platforms to power app search globally. It also provides Sponsored Apps, allowing apps to target users at the point of discovery.


Funding history

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Key people
Dan ApplemanAdvisor
Jacques BenkoskiObserver
Lara DruyanInvestor
K. Guru GowrappanCOO / EVP, Products, EVP of Products, EVP, Products
Richard GregoryEVP, Revenue
Jason HrehaDirector of Product
Tomer KaganCo-founder and CEO, Director, Executive_Officer
Doug LeedsBoard of Directors--Observer
Jimmy LuBoards
Liron ShapiraCo-founder and Chief Science Officer, Co-founder and CTO., Director, Executive_Officer
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