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United States
Palo Alto
Detailed industries:software
Company description

At Branch Metrics, we believe the app install, sharing, and viewing experience should be seamless and not break at the app store. We solve this with a platform that powers the links that point back to your apps for shares, invites, referrals, and more. Branch makes it incredibly simple to create powerful deeplinks that can pass data across app install, making the entire app experience better.


Funding history

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Key people
Alex AustinCEO, Founder
Alexander AustinDirector, Executive Officer, Promoter
Dmitri GaskinCTO, Founder
Mar HershensonDirector
Michael MolinetDirector, Executive Officer, Promoter
Mike MolinetCOO, Founder
Scott SandellDirector
Mada SegheteCMO, Founder
Maria SegheteDirector, Executive Officer
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