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Company description

ZeaChem, Inc. is developing a cellulose-based biorefinery platform producing either ethanol or a broad portfolio of other chemicals. ZeaChem's indirect approach leap frogs the yield, capital and CO2 problems associated with traditional ethanol production practices and other potential cellulosic based ethanol processes. ZeaChem currently operates a pilot plant at its Menlo Park, CA laboratory.


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Key people
Carrie AtiyehDirector, Public Affairs
Paul BatchellerBoard Member, Director
Tim EggemanCTO, Founder
Jim ImblerPresident & CEO
Daniel LeffBoard, Director
Ross PillariBoard of Directors and Non-Executive Chairman, Director
Dan VerserDirector, EVP, R&D, Founder, Executive_Officer
Andy VietorCFO
Pete WilhelmPlant Manager
Bryan YehEVP, Technology
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