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United States
Industry:Healthcare services
Detailed industries:Healthcare, Hospitals & Clinics
Company description

Kyruus uses Big Data to help organizations engage, manage, and optimize physician networks. Whether with patients, hospital administrators, commercial representatives, or fellow health care providers, interactions with physicians are central to the delivery and improvement of care. Our mission is to ensure that all stakeholders are matched to the best possible providers to drive optimal resource allocation across our health care system.


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Key people
Puneet BatraChief Data Scientist
Renee BochmanVP, Client Services
Bryan E. RobertsBoard of Directors
Graham GardnerCEO, Co-Founder and CEO, Board of Directors, Director, Executive_Officer
Leon GoldmanChief Privacy Officer, Product Advisor
Bob HigginsBoard of Directors
Vinay Mohta, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Robert PaullBoard of Directors
Vinay Seth MohtaCTO
Julie Yoo, Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Board of Director, Director, Executive_Officer
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