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United States
Detailed industries:enterprise software
Company description

DataRank offers companies a social media analytics dashboard that helps them analyze conversations online about their brands and competitors. They say their quality score algorithm is much more accurate that what you’ll see from rivals.


Funding history

DateDeal sizeInvestors 
February 3rd, 2014$1,400,000Fundersclub, New Road VenturesView Deal
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Key people
Sawyer AndersonDevelopment Intern
Kenneth CasonCo - Founder & CTO
Chris DempewolfSoftware Engineer
Candice Evans GrayBusiness Development
Ryan FrazierCo-Founder and CEO
Will GilbrechDirector of Business Development
Addam HardyLead Web Developer
Josephine HardyMarketing Associate
Chuong NguyenCo-Founder
Matt SeubertDirector of Client Services
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