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United States
Detailed industries:predictive analytics
Company description

Prevedére is a specialized enterprise software company in the advanced business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics space. Our software helps to identify sets of leading external economic factors that truly drive your business results. Prevedére offers software and services to complete a comprehensive upfront industry analysis for your organization that identifies key external economic drivers and their effect on your actual bottom line results. Prevedére will also identify long term global growth forecasts and opportunities for your specific industries and geographies. Once ...key external economic drivers are identified, Prevedére’s patent pending software application can be installed for automated and repeated analysis, reporting and alerting of key external economic changes that affect your organization. MoreLess


Funding history

DateDeal sizeInvestors 
June 30th, 2015$6,976,530Pointguard VenturesView Deal
October 9th, 2013$1,200,000-View Deal
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Key people
Matt BaerVice President Sales & Marketing
John ChristmanAdvisory Board Member
Jessica DolezalData Scientist
Andrew DuguaySenior Economist/ Data Scientist
Dan FishbackAdvisor
Don FowlerAdvisory Board Member
Jason KernsChief Technology Officer
Tony PeitrocolaVP, Business Development
Todd StratmanDirector Business Development
Rich WagnerCEO & President
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